About Us

Greetings from Al-Wafra Industrial Co

Al-Wafra Ind. Co. is primarily an engineering firm dedicated to providing innovative solutions to problems facing common people on daily basis. The company employs engineering design capabilities to find solutions to the ever-increasing cost of energy, water, fuel…etc.

Most of the solutions and products offered by Al-Wafra Ind. Co. are actually inspired by real-life customer problems. The company usually listens to its client’s demands and complaints, studies them, proposes suitable solutions, and finally embarks on supplying or manufacturing equipment that would fulfil these demands.

The products and services offered on this website are in fact proposed solutions to old but recurring problems. The company studied them since many years, and came up with the best possible alternatives.

But still, there is a lot to do. A lot of problems to be tackled and researched. Thus, we are always pleased to hear from you and listen to your problems.

You are welcome to fill in the “Contact Form”, explaining your needs and demands, so that we can address them and maybe find solutions for in the need future.


Talk to us …..Maybe we have a solution for you!